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Part I: Blind Hope

The beginning was always the goal,
Returning to this coveted time —
When we were perfect
Perfectly in love
The butterflies swarming
The nervous excitement
And electrifying chemistry
That I mistook as love
All served to mask our gross imperfection
I didn’t know you. You didn’t know me
How could you? I barely knew me
And though I wish I…


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I have been thinking about death and the finality it connotes. I do not fear death or anticipate it at every turn. Rather, I accept the certainty that is death, and I find solace in that.

It is coming up to the one-year memorial of the death of my partner's…


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I started writing actively in July 2020. I focused on thought pieces initially, but as I progressed in my writing journey, I developed an interest in poetry and wrote poems fairly frequently. At my most active, I wrote, on average, 4 poems a week, but from mid-September, I started experiencing…


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It always starts as the ride of my life

I’m disillusioned that this ride will have a destination.
It is this delusion that causes me to endure
the highs and lows in continuation.
In my haze of confusion,
I think I’m moving in a linear direction. …


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Hope is an unexpected laugh —
a life raft in an ocean of tears.
A warm touch that vanquishes
the chilling clutches of loneliness.
The peaking rays of sunlight
at the twilight of a thunderstorm,
A kind word in a tornado of despair.

I always thought hope was
an unabating beacon…


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Pain is all I know
My oldest friend
Her touch, so familiar
Her grip unrelenting
I have become accustomed
To her calloused caresses
That reach beyond my skin
To the fibers of my being.
Her appetite — insatiable,
as she threatens to devour everything.

Sometimes I think I choose her.

C.J. Obikile

I write about expressions of humanity as I experience them. Instagram: @ceejay_thesavage

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